The World Map of Shannara

The map is the only one in existence!
99% accurate and available in full scale

The minute detail is fantastic and the full size can produce a poster 84cm x 119cm (100% scale). To print this full size you should copy the file and take it to a print shop. You can compress the picture and print it normal page size but the detail will be very small. Or just view it on screen and zoom in and out.

The map covers every detail described in the complete Shannara series of books, with a scale of 1 mm = 1 mile (the scale changes for the Ocean, measuring 1 mm = 10 miles between the crossing to Parkasia).

You may purchase and download a full sized copy (16MB High Quality JPEG) of the map for £5.

Once you have paid, the map will automatically download to the email site you have used for payment.

Below are previews of the map that have been scaled down.

The full sized image is 16 MB and reveals detail such as Killeshan

New for 2022 – is an updated version!

A close-up view of the volcano of Killeshan