Book Data

This page links to a spreadsheet containing geographical notes on the Shannara books. This information was used to compose the Realm Of Shannara map. Other information about general speeds and endurance of horses, army marching speed, bird speeds etc etc, were obtained from the internet. The notes refer to the page numbers in the original paperback editions. They are relatively self explanatory, with the occasional editorial glitch or geographical anomaly highlighted.

Feel free to sample my information used from the books.

Download the Shanna Book Information.

Chart of Measurements

Horse speed walk = 3 trot = 8 canter = 15 gallop = 30
Best distance 15 mph for 13 mls 9 mph for 25 mls
72 hrs at 5 mph 60 mls per day
100 mls in 72 hrs 1ml at 40 mph
Marches Warlock army 1 – 2 mph warlock armies max of 20 ml per day.
ROC flight 30 mph best speed. Cruising speed 15 mph (land) Don’t fly at night. Normally fly 2 hrs rest 1/2 hr.
(Condor speed 30 mph) Cruising speed 20 mph (sea)
Boat flight speed max speed = 20 mph cruise speed = 10 mph
for flight to Antrax speed reduced to 5 mph due to foraging. (60 mls per day).
Wing Hove to Flay Creech = 10 days west (600)
Flay Creech to Shatterstone = 60 days west along island chain (2/3 distance due to breakdown and storm). = 2400
Shatterstone north to Mephitic = 50 days due to storms and foraging (islands get less towards north). = 2000
Mephitic to Icehenge = 50 days north = 2000 (short days maybe less)
Mts heights – 5mm=1000ft
Class 5 rapids = 20 mph