High Druid of Shannara – Straken Locations

Travelling information from the book.

31 Stridegate flight back from Stridegate SW to Paranor in 3 days.
51 Prekkandoran 2 days march of Federation army from flats south of bluff to elf camp in north of Prekkandoran 20
59 Prekkandoran Another pass running N/S 8 ml west of main draw.
Rhapahalladron NE of Prekkandoran and south of Duln Forest. Villages in forest.
133 Taupo Rough 3.75 days boat flight from Paranor.
153 Klu mts Valleys in Klu mts south of Inkrim run NE/SW
186 Prekkandoran 2.5 days march from hills north of Prekkandoran to heights in south. 30
205 Prekkandoran low mts at east end of flats to 5 ml south of Prekkandoran.
342 Myrian lake Lake SW of Paranor.
344 Rhenn 12 hrs boat flight by swift sure from Paranor to Rhenn valley.
Arishaig 57 hrs flight from airfields at Arishaig then west across Turfing and Myrian to Rhenn (arrive at 6 am) 285
360 Prekkandoran farm 6 hrs walk south of Prekkandoran. 10