High Druid of Shannara – Tanequil Locations

Travelling information from the book.

42 Charnals foothills level out to shores of Rabb (Lazareen?)
46 Charnals 4 hrs walk from campsite to appearance of skatelow.
97 Ravenshorn 48 hrs boat flight from Ravenshorn to Paranor.
165 Taupo Rough 6 hrs + 6 hrs boat flight from campsite north and east along foothills to Taupo Rough. 60
178 Gnome village village below River Lethe on west border of knife edge.
232 Taupo Rough From Taupo Rough a week on foot across Klu mts to Inkrim.
239 Klu mts 10 hrs walk through Charnals to valley between Charnals and Klu. 10
242 Razor mts Low mts with small lakes.
244 Klu mts 2 hrs walk between Charnals and Klu mts across valley. 5
254 Klu mts 12 hrs slow walk across Klu mts. 5
294 Prekkandoran Prekkanadoran front 4 ml wide along E/W. Two bluffs split by ravine running north to foothills. Flats to south of bluff.
304 Prekkandoran Lower Anar to east.
318 Klu mts 7 days to get through Klu mts to Inkrim. 50
Inkrim shaped like hand with palm towards east. Fingers as valleys.
Inkrim dense trees and bush 20 mls across N/S
320 Klu mts east end of mts ( west end of valley) still 2,000 ft above sea level.
331 Inkrim 30 mls into valley trees become big and bush disappears. 5 mls to city walls.
Stridegate 2mls to gardens, then across bridge to Pinnacle (1/4 ml across)
412 Pinnacle hills to south.
420 Prekkandoran hills to north.
424 Prekkandoran 10 ml ravine twisting N/S dividing plateau.