The Elf Queen of Shannara Locations

Travelling information from the book.

9 West Coast 2 days south of Grimpen Ward. White capped rock Spur to North, Irrybus to south. Mts to east.
19 Irrybus mts 8 hrs walk to northern fringe of Irrybus mts. Runing E/W parallel to Rock Spur. Coastal Irrybus low scattered clusters mts
22 Irrybus mts 32 hrs slow walk to Wing Hove. Valleys and deep passes, bluffs.
45 Morrowindl 200 ml across
51 Attols due west of coast -some at 20mls, larger one at 7hrs (140ml) – emerald green
56 Attols 3 hrs NW to attol (60 ml) – sandy beaches + 3.5 hrs to Morrowindl (70)
57 Morrowindl Circumnavigate island in an hour? (circumnavigate volcano)
58 Killeshan 30ml from coast to volcano. 1st camp on west shore.
56 Roc eat once every 7 days
57 rocky projections and ragged cliffs on SE coast. Inland jungle.
Volcano on eastern edge of island
57 Northern edge are cliffs 2,000 ft high
57 western side barren lava rock
57 South and east are black sand beaches into jungle.
58 city half way down volcano in a niche protected from lava. Most of lava flows east.
57 Beach 1 hr flight around island. (volcano)
60 Beach Black sand
61 Beach can see Killeshan from beach. North can see desert.
64 day 1 Acacia for 1 ml, Bamboo 0.5 ml, Meadow for 8hrs (8)
65 day 2 meadow 12 hrs (12)
65 day 3 start slope of volcano, ravines and lava flows.pace slows (5). Midday forest turns to jungle (3)
69 day 4 jungle (6)
70 In Ju land flattens. Cross open space for 1 hr. Come to edge of swamp- IN JU – bog with trees and grass. Large trees and vines.
74 Blackledge stretches to Blackledge. Slow progress (5). Garth can hear but not speak.
80 day 6 stretches all the way across southern end of island.
85 Blackledge end of swamp at midday (2). 5 ml more to foot of Blackledge
87 wall of rock running along SW slope of volcano. Lies midway up slope, formed by volcano wall breaking away and dropping down. Falling 2000 ft.
day 7 Fissure runs from top to within 1000 ft of bottom. Pass runs from fissure to valley on top.
day 8 end of day camp half way up ledge.
89 Valley end of day at top of ledge overlooking a deep lava valley with acacia trees and grass in patches. River visible east.
91 Rowen High on slopes of volcano just below tree line (7,500ft). Volcano 13,000 ft.
100 Rowen River 8 hrs from Blackledge (10)
102 Arborlon cross at shallows.Arborlon 1ml further.
Rowen Spend 3 days in city.
212 Edens Murk 1hr on fast river downstream to bend and beginning of valley. 0.5 hr in valley then river through cleft in cliffs, 1 hr on wider river, then 1/2 hr on lake.
219 Edens Murk on edge of lake. 9 hrs walk through swamp – day 12.
226 Edens Murk 1 day slow progress (5)
233 Blackledge 12 hrs walk to Blackledge (3)
244 Blackledge 1 day rest – day 15
246 Blackledge runs south from volcano along west boundary of Edens Murk.
247 Blackledge 8 hrs walk south to pass in Blackledge (10)
266 Harrow next day walk to top of Blackledge through tunnels.
273 Harrow The Harrow on top of Blackledge, volcano to north.
274 Harrow Harrow from ledge north to valley. 6 hrs to walk across Harrow E/W over lava ridges.(5)
329 Easier pass down Blackledge on left edge of Harrow. Craggy with thick vegetation. 6 hrs to descend to In Ju.
372 Myrian Wren raised by Rovers on plain below Myrian.
390 Attol 100 ml from Morrowindl
394 Mainland 7 hrs flight from Attol to mainland East (200 ml) – tailwind.
395 6 hrs flight from wing hove across Irrybus and Rock spur to Southern end of Sarandanon+ 6hrs down valley along Rill song north to Carolan.