The Druid of Shannara Locations

Travelling information from the book.

PAGE SUBJECT DRUID – 2 Late Summer (p160) Mileage
69 Battlemounds Hill country below Battlemounds , 2 days on horse to Southwatch. 120
123 Hearthstone 3 days + 2 nights on foot from Culhaven to Hearthstone via Pass of Jade
133 Eldwist Is far north and East above Charnal mts, where the eastland ends at the Tiderace.
160 Toffer Ridge From Hearthstone travel north along Toffer ridge and across Rabb river.
162 Upper Anar One week on foot going north above upper Anar to foothills of Charnals.
Several passes through mts all beginning at Rampling Steep.
163 Charnals Journey NE on road for 13 days and reach junction. Winding road leading West into foothills. 260
Follow road west for 8 hrs. 15
165 Charnals Head NE on road to base of mts. A further 12 hrs to Rampling Steep. Mts to west.
183 Charnals Take road along foothills. Change to mts after a few days. Slow progress (1 mph?) 20
184 Charnals Snow capped mts.
185 Charnals 10 days out start descent, + 4 days mountains thin, + 1 day arrive at valley
Spikes Valley 10 ml long running N/S. Funnel shaped, widest at south, with ridgeline down middle.
214 Charnals Northern edge of mts 20mls from north edge of valley.
218 Charnals Forested hills to north of Charnals. Rabb running west then turning east.
221 Rabb river Emerges out of rocks and broadens into hill country. Pools in forested basin NE of where river emerges from mts.
River flows south out of basin.
230 North land travel north away from Charnals into forest.
231 North land walk for 5 days. Country full of rivers and lakes.
232 North land on day 6 land becomes grey.
233 North land On day 7 1/2 land turned to stone. At sunset arrive at Tiderace penninsular.
307 Irrybus mts 5 days to cross Irrybus on foot. 50