The Sword of Shannara Locations

Travelling information from the book.

PAGE SUBJECT Sword of Shannara – Late Winter (p47) Mileage
23 Shea & Flick Flick like father, medium height, heavy build, placid face, grizzled brown hair.
Shea slightly shorter than Flick, slim, tousled blond hair, pointed ears. Blue eyes, pencil thin eyebrows at acute angle.
68 Pia & Zolomach Cities to south of Shady Vale. River to North of vale, open country to the west.
73 Duln Forest East of Shady Vale.
75 Rappahalladren 10 hrs walk fron Shady Vale to river.
77 Duln Forest 6 hrs walk + 10hrs walk east from river to edge of forest.
83 Duln forest 11 hrs walk through grassland between forest and Leah.
94 Leah 10 hrs to cross highlands on foot.
99 Lowlands of Clete 4 days meandering across lowlands (marsh).
106 Black Oaks 10hrs walk + 2 hrs slow walk across forest NE to Mist Marsh.
117 Black Oaks 6 hrs slow walk east to edge of forest to grasslands.
119 Silver River 6 hrs brisk walk north to Silver River.
142 Sterne & Wayford Large cities immediately south & west of Anar.
145 Culhaven south of Silver River. Anar north of river.
180 Pass of Noose 1 1/2 days walk from Culhaven to Pass of Noose. 25
195 Pass of Noose 15 ml from Pass of Noose to campsite. Allanon walks further 6 hrs to valley fork in road. 30
209 Pass of Jade 2 tall peaks mark eastern entrance to pass.
217 Pass of Jade Pass entrance 200yds wide
224 Pass of Jade Narrow at east end opens westward into forest. 13 mls to Storlock.
240 Storlock 5 hrs walk to cross Rabb plain from Storlock. (many other guarded passes). 15
259 Valley of Shale 6 hrs walk from valley to Hall of Kings.
275 Hall of Kings 3 hrs to walk through hall. Exit on west side of Mts. Path turns north then east.
277 Dragons Teeth Shea falls in river running east. 3 hrs to walk down mts on west side (dragons crease).
287 Dragons Teeth Many small rivers on eastern side running into Rabb.
290 Forest of Paranor 2 hrs quickly to cross grass from Dragons Crease to forest. 6hrs walk through forest to Paranor.
319 Skull Kingdom Razor mts to north, Knife Edge mts to south. Cold and wet. Skull mt in middle.
327 Rabb plains Grassland. Rolling hills west of Upper Anar.
3 hrs + 10 hrs walk by Shea from river north to position due east of Paranor. Deep in hill county. 25
343 Talhan City in deep south.
353 Jannison pass 8 hrs walk north from due east of Paranor. Through foothills to pass. 10
355 Jannison pass 3 mls long. Mts visible across plain to north. Pass runs NW/SE. Streleheim plain covered in thin grass
357 Jannison pass Pass narrow on east.Mts continue along north edge westward for 5 mls. Mts and forest to south. Battleground 1ml further.
384 Paranor forest Separate section to NE of Paranor. “Impregnable forest” surrounds Paranor.
395 Paranor forest 11 hrs walk NE from Paranor to Streleheim plain. Exit close to Jannison pass. 12 ml east to battleground.
397 Paranor forest Hill country north and west of the Dragons teeth
398 Streleheim Plains hot and barren.
403 Paranor forest From battleground 6hrs walk west to NE (not NW) corner of forest. Continue for 4 hrs and turn south.
406 Paranor forest 6 hrs walk to southern edge of forest. 3 hrs walk across grass to mts.
414 Tyrsis 2 days of continual travel from Battlegrounds to Tyrsis.
415 Varfleet Guards passe through mts of Runne (small range).
421 Tyrsis Forest 5ml to east.
449 Tyrsis 12 walk + 5ml from Tyrsis to Varfleet.
518 Streleheim Shea walks 8 mls north from Paranor forest.
523 Plains 3 mls wandering north in mist. Barren grey earth.
528 Plains another 3ml to foothills.
617 Plains 10 mls of foothills north to barren plain. 8 ml over plain before capture by Trolls.
621 Koos Outlying elven village between west end of Rhenn and North end of dragons teeth mts
623 Rhenn High ridges across eastern end .
625 Rhenn 5 ml north to Troll camp.
632 Norbane Large Troll city in north of Charnals mts.
647 Malg Swamp Bog on eastern border of Skull Kingdom.
647 Razor mts low steep ridges running E/W along northern edge of Skull Kingdom. Taper to foothills in west.
648 Razor mts 5 ml gap between foothills and desert.
648 Kierlak desert Runs for 50 ml south.
648 River Lethe Runs from Malg Swamp to small lake in interior.
648 Knife Edge mts Run from SE edge of desert to Malg swamp. 2-3,000ft Black cliffs.
649 Skull mt Just inside Knife edge at end of 1 ml canyon.
650 Knife Edge mts 10 mls from troll camp north to canyon.
723 Beleal Elven town – where?