The Elfstones of Shannara Locations

Travelling locations from the book.

PAGE SUBJECT ELFSTONES – Summer (p9) Mileage
16 Hoare flats a barren wasteland
63 Arborlon 45 hrs by horse from Arborlon to Paranor up to 250
74 Paranor 100 ft high
82 Storlock 9 + 24 hrs by horse from Paranor to Storlock
103 Storlock 10 hrs ride from Storlock south to 1st camp.
115 Rabb plain 5 hrs further south plain changes from bare ground to grassland.
115 Silver river 5hrs further arrive at silver river
115 Havenstead 5 hrs further arrive at Havenstead.
116 Havenstead Is horsehoe shaped valley. West end grass east end forest. It has asmall stream
116 Battlemound To south of Havenstead is rock strewn lowland of Battlemounds.
146 Rainbow Lake From north side of lake 10 + 7 hrs ride & walk NW to Mermidon.
Follow river north for 4 hrs to SW of Tyrsis.
157 Rovers Walk west for 17 hrs 30
174 Tirfing 14 hrs by caravan to Tirfing. Land of small lakes and woodlands. Far to west lies Westland forest. 30
190 Tirfing 5 hrs by horse (fast) north to Mermidon where river emerges from forest. 40
192 Westland forest 8 hrs by horse from Mermidon to NE corner of woods 15
196 Streleheim plain 1 hr at trot north, 1/2 hr at gallop to edge of Streleheim plain, 1 hr gallop to valley of Rhenn. 35
207 Arborlon 16hrs walk from Rhenn to Arborlon 30
252 Rill Song River moves sluggishly south. From Arbrlon several hours in mts then rest of time in rolling hills and forest.
255 Dreywood 36 hrs in boat from Arborlon to Dreywood (elms and black oak).
263 Dreywood River swings west below wood. 4 hrs in boat to camp at north end of Matted Brakes. River twisting to lake in west.
264 Matted Brakes Lowlands of brush and lakes from Rill song to Rock Spur.
270 Matted Brakes 30hrs walk to lake
273 Matted Brakes 30 hrs walk from lake to Pykon. Woodlands west of Matted Brakes, north of Pykon.
Rock Spur is sprawling humpback mt range.
289 Pykon 8 hrs in boat east from Pykon. 3 hrs south, then 5 hrs fast flow west. Disembark when turning south.
294 Rock Spur 12 hrs walk west from river to mts. Mist from Shroudslip visible in south.
305 Rock Spur Mts 2,000 ft. fly 3 hrs on ROC across mts to eastern edge of Wildrun.Contains forest, bogs and solitary peaks. 15 mph
Fly 1 hr rest 1/2 hr. Follow river? Shroudslip forms part of wall.
315 Kershalt Trolls in kershalt territory at northern border with elves.
329 Sarandanon 5 days for elven army to march from Arborlon to edge of forest west. Sarandanon has woodlands to south and east.
mts to north and lake to west.
330 Sarandanon Army camped at eastern end of valley after coming out of forest. Broad road through middle of Sarandanon.
10 hrs march from east end to west end of valley.
331 Kennisrowe Passage between Kennisrowe and Breakline (low hills). Passage around west edge of lake through forests (same time for 2 routes)
337 Baen Draw 4 hrs march north from baen draw into foothills (short grass and scrub), then 4 hrs march west to Breakline (2,000ft). Tall close spires.
339 Haleys Cut 2 hrs march south to Haleys cut. Grass plain to south (5) then forest.
358 Haleys Cut is north of Lake
360 Whorl Run grasslands border whorl run.
383 Whistle Ridge 3 hrs walk from Whistle Ridge to Grimpen Ward.
406 Arborlon 2 routes in, East & West, mts north and south. Rill Song arcs east below Carolan.
432 Homestead 12 hrs in wagon from Grimpen ward to Homestead. 25
437 Spires Reach Peak in centre of Hollows. Safehold below.
446 Homestead 4 hrs in wagon souh of Homestead to main roads and turn east. 3 hrs to crossroads
450 Hollows 3 hrs walk south to edge of Hollows.
470 Whistle Ridge east of crossroads.
493 towers mallenroh tower just higher han trees, low wall around tower, and stream.
609 Arborlon 16 hrs flight on ROC from Spires Reach to Arborlon.