Voyage of Jerle Shannara – Ilse Witch Locations

Travelling information from the book.

PAGE SUBJECT ILSE WITCH – late spring ┬áMileage
3 Mesca Rho island off W coast. 4 hrs Roc flight west of Bracken Clell 80
10 Bracken Clell 2 days by Roc from Bracken Clell to Arborlon (20hrs flight)
32 Arborlon 5 hrs Roc flight from Arborlon west to Dragons Teeth
45 March Brume City on west coast in south
53 Airship Max speed 20 mph, normal ~10mph
74 Rhappahalladran Runs south of Prekkendorran. Dechtera south of Prekkandoran
75 Arborlon small rivers and lakes visible in Sarandanon. Rock Spur visible in south
89 Walker lost right arm
93 error Rill song instead of Mermidon
93 Rock Spur Deep wood fronting mts
93 Rocs not flying at night
95 Pykon at Northern end of Rock Spur
95 Irrybus wider than Rock Spur
95 Pykon 5 hrs Roc flight from Arborlon to Pykon
95 Bracken Clell 12 hrs Roc flight from Rock Spur to Bracken Clell (sea port)
102 Bracken Clell 9 hrs Roc flight from Bracken Clell to west end of Rainbow Lake
104 Rainbow Lake 4 hrs Roc flight to cross west to east
136 Leah On high plain overlooking lowlands east & south, and Duln forest west
143 March Brume North of Bracken Clell. One of many seaports. A cove warded by cliffs in north and marsh to south.
159 ship yard 2 hrs sail at 4mph + 2 hrs at 10mph north from March Brume. Cove with narrow enrance surrounded by forested cliffs.
176 Battlemounds Run south of Mist Marsh for 100 miles.
176 Lowlands of Clete 5 hrs ride from Leah.
187 Deepo Bent 5 mls north of Silver River on edge of wood. A small village on road across plain.
218 Arishaig South of Wayford and Sterne, below Prekendorran.
227 Deepo Bent 4 dayslow ride from DB to Rhenn via north edge of Rainbow Lake and Tirfing.
227 Mermidon flows north out of Tirfing – tributary.
272 Wing Hove 30 hrs boat flight from Arborlon. Boat slower at night.
275 Flay Creech 10 days from Wing Hove flying west (boat). 1/2 ml wide. Southern offshore outcrops shaped like lizards head.
285 Shatterstone 2 months (56 days) west from Flay Creech. 10mls wide, mts and cliffs.
318 Shatterstone Fly north for 7 days.
321 Mephitic 7 weeks from Shattersone. Low and broad. 50mls long?
369 Jentson Close a village on NE edge of Rainbow Lake close to Rabb plain.
354 Mephitic zig zag north from Mephitic for 1 week
379 ice flows 1 week in fog. Ice flows appear. Several more clusters of islands. 7 weeks further to Icehenge getting colder.
385 Icehenge Wing riders fly south of river. Attols 10 ml south of river.
Cliffs 1,000 ft high open into broad bay with range of mts in background (with snow and glaciers). Small islands leading to cliffs.
Squirm mid morning enter bay(35). 2 hrs for first bay,narrows to a channel and opens to a second bay (1.5 hrs). Narrows into Squirm(.5 hrs)
390 Squirm After Squirm cliffs retreat and land warms into gentle hills. River splits into dozens of smaller ones.
2 hrs from Squirm to end of river, ending in a bay with waterfall.
414 Castledown 5 ml from bay to Castledown valley. Valley 10 x 5 mls.