Voyage of the Jerle Shannara – Antrax Locations

Travelling information from the book.

PAGE SUBJECT ANTRAX – winter Mileage
Dragons teeth Dragons teeth visible from Rainbow lake. Lake close to Wolfsktaag
37 Parkasia Bek carried inland for 1/2 hr (5), run for1/2 hr (5) 10
51 Bek walks 4 hrs east (12) towards mts. 12
55 Glacier draped mts ward the coast. 1,000 ft high gorge of Squirm.
68 2.5 days from squirm to coves. Heading for wing riders. (south)
121 Quentin camps in forest west of valley.
143 Moon rises and sets in North
144 Bek heads inland parallel to base of mts (NW/SE). Crosses river and moves upstream (5) towards mts. 5
147 Shape shifter lair Bek walks all day 8 hrs out of lowlands into mts (20). forested prominentory (spruce). Can see river. 20
165 Bay – forest – rocky lowland – forest on mts.
171 Parkasia A penninsula attached to land to the north and west. Rindge village 5 ml from Castledown.
173 Village in foothills east of mt ridge. hardwood forest between village and Castledown.
177 Snow inland on other side of mts.
242 Repairs to Jerle Shanara east and south of mts and river source, in forested cove (amongst a dozen others)
243 slow circuitous route 2.5 days (3 nights 2.5 days) damaged boat. 160
249 fly west from cove, ice field east in the distance.
250 ROC flight +Rue Cold but not freezing. 2hrs flight to camp (20), Moon rising in north? 20
253 3 hrs ROC flight across open country(30), then 3hrs across ragged country(30) to bay. Frequent stops for Rue.
Deep lakes in foothills. Mts run down middle of peninsula.
Cliffs and icefields in south.