First King of Shannara Locations

Travelling information from the book.

PAGE SUBJECT FIRST KING – first full moon of quarter season (p4) MILEAGE
6 Skull mt dark lords Lair in shadow of Knife edge mts
20 Paranor White battlements, hundreds of feet high. 4 hrs march from north edge of Paranor forest.
21 Paranor Entrance to fortress on all 4 sides.
56 Kennon pass 6 hrs march from Paranor
57 Kennon pass 5 hrs to cross Kennon pass south into forest
62 Valley of Shale 10 hrs march from Kennon pass, 10ml from Mermidon facing south. Plains to south.
62 Mermidon Branches east diminishing to small streams and ponds on Rabb plain.
91 Valley of Shale 6 hrs walk to camp near branch of Mermidon.
95 Kennon pass 8 hrs walk from camp
109 Mermidon 2 hrs walk west from Kennon to camp site. Can see Westland, and Rock Spur in background.
112 Pykon Travel across grassland to edge of forest below Pykon (within site of). Turn north. Camp after 2 hrs walk.
115 Dreywood Dreywood open to the west. 5 hrs walk to Valley of Rhenn, low foothills, mts to N & S.
115 Arborlon 3 hrs on horse from Rhenn to Arborlon.
159 Jannison Pass Narrow and winding (5ml). 5
171 Jannison Pass 5 hrs walk from JP east to Forests of Anar. 15
172 Jannison Pass Army marched for 3 days to get to Storlock. 60
173 Mermidon Runs east just below dragons teeth to eastern edge of mts.
179 Valley of Shale Cedar in foothills.Tal grass on plan.
181 Valley of Shale Cross to Storlock in 10 hrs. Slow walk.
188 Sarandanon 2 1/2 days from Arborlon to Sarandanon in westerly direction. Foothills to south on edge of forest. 40
190 Sarandanon then 15 ml west, 45 ml north, 20ml west to Baen Draw.
205 Baen Draw 6 hrs on horse from Baen Draw to foothills of Breakline.
206 Breakline 4 hrs on horse in foothills. Another 6 hrs then out of sight of valley.
209 Whorl Run 12 hrs horse to Whorl run. 6 hrs from WR north to Pinchers. 6 hrs to mouth of pass (runs E/W).
210 Pinchers split peak fronted by smaller hills and forest. Mt pass 3 mls long.
215 Chew Magna Cluster of peaks like bunched fingers surrounded by ring of hills a few miles from end of pass.
249 Hearthstone. 1 week to reach Hearthstone fron Storlock. 2 days north? on easy road. Next 2 days over ravines and ridgelines along river.
leave river and travel 2 days to broad steep hills west of Hearthstone. Spruce.
252 Darklin Reach Rabb river to W of Darklin Reach has many channels and loops. Sruce trees. Deep woods surrounding river.
255 Darklin Reach Is mostly hardwoods.
271 Pass of Jade Widest at west entrance, narrow at east.
293 Dechtera situated between 2 hills N/S. Troll cities also large.
294 Rainbow lake no mts along western shore? Battlemound up to forest edge.
295 Dechtera 6 days by horse (day only) from Storlock. West to mts then south. Land barren tall grass and dry. Larger than other Northern cities.
366 Silver River 6 hrs slow horse + 10hrs medium horse from Silver River north to Mermidon.
367 Runne Mts Mermidon flows down from Runne mts with other tributaries. Cross shallows main or trib?
367 Mermidon 5 hrs ride from Mermidon to valley of shale. 8 hrs walk from valley of shale to Varfleet. 20
376 Streleheim 3 days of 18 hr walk + 1 day 12 hr walk from Varfleet to Streleheim plain. Then 14 hrs to Arborlon. 155
379 Streleheim error – Mermidon runs through Callahorn, not Streleheim. 40 mls south of Rhenn.
380 Arborlon mts to north and south
408 Silver River Hills on north bank of Silver river. 8 hrs walk from Rainbow lake east to Anar forest.
410 Culhaven 6 hrs walk east of edge of Anar.
452 Rhenn Edge of Dragons teeth 1/2 day march north of Rhenn.