The Scions of Shannara Locations

Travelling information from the book.

PAGE SUBJECT SCIONS – 1 Summer (p1) Mileage
26 Mermidon From Varfleet, 6hrs drift south to 1st landing. 6hrs drift to 2nd landing. 5hrs in swollen river.
38 Mermidon 12 hrs on swollen river to Lake. Mts open, river through wide canyon.
58 Rainbow Lake 3 hrs rowing west (6), then 4 hrs sail SW to mouth of Rhapahalladron (20)
59 Leah Mouth of Rhapahalladron above Highlands of Leah (rolling hills).
75 Rainbow Lake From mouth of river sail 16 hrs west (35), row 5 hrs (10), sail 8 hrs to mouth of Silver river (25).
84 Culhaven 8 hrs walk from river mouth to Culhaven. Lower Anar along south bank. 20
104 Pass of Noose 12 hrs walk north of Culhaven to Pass of Noose. 24
106 Wolfstaak Ridgelines run N/S
118 Pass of Jade From pass of Noose to Pass of Jade is 12 hrs + 16 hrs walk. 40
119 Chard Rush Falls 7 hrs walk east from pass to falls. Through forest and ravines 20 ml to Rooker Trading post.
Follow river for 15 hrs, then east away from river for 5 hrs to Hearthstone Valley (5 ml long).
186 Myrian Lake 5 days on horse from lake to Valley of Shale. 200
226 Varfleet 7 hrs horse from Hadeshorn to Varfleet. 20
232 Mermidon Just above Varfleet river splits. Just north are rapids.
Jutt 10 hrs from river through forest to Jut (on edge of mts) 10
248 Jutt 5 hrs walk west of Jutt to Kennon pass (10). Shallows in river 1ml west of Kennon. Tyrsis due south.