The Wishsong of Shannara Locations

Travelling information from the book.

42 Shady Vale 4 hrs running to get fron SV to eastern edge of valley. 10
5 hrs east to river (flowing south). Pine forest. 10
46 Duln Forest fast pace for 10 hrs to edge of forest. Then 6 hrs walk to lodge on edge of Highlands.
48 Shady vale 4 days from SV to mouth of Mermidon skirting north edge of Lake.
72 Highlands 1 day walk from lodge north to lake shore. 1 day march from lake to Black Oaks.
90 Black Oaks 10 hrs walk in from east edge come to crossroads. On east edge of mist marsh.
106 Black Oaks Walk south then east around mist marsh for 24 hrs before breaking free of forest.
Hill country to the north, lowlands to the south. 12 hrs walk north to Silver river.
126 Hadeshorn 2 days from Hadeshorn to north end of Kennon pass. 6 hrs to forest then 6 hrs to Paranor.
Forest along Mermidon to Tyrsis.
129 Paranor 6hrs ride from Kennon north to Paranor forest (oak)
142 error High ground east of Paranor, cannot ride further east towards forests of Anar.
144 Culhaven 1 day from lake to Culhaven
160 Culhaven 8hrs from culhaven to first camp 16
161 Gnomes Gnomes north and east of Culhaven
168 Wedge 10+10+8 hrs from 1st camp to Wedge (cliffs, river in gorge) – Pine trees 56
175 Wedge cross to northern bank.
176 Wedge east of wedge into forest. 8 hrs from wedge to lower slopes of Capaal. +3hrs to capaal. 20
178 Capaal White dam. Mass of towers and citadels on top dam, mostly on Northern side facing plain.
Low mts on east side. Small tower on south side. Reservoir to north.
183 Capaal Low hills on southern flanks of reservoir. Forest to the east.
218 Capaal 3 dams, 2 smaller reservoirs below. Cliffs flanking lower dams.
223 Leah Lake country between Leah and Lowlands of Clete.
225 Capaal tower on north end of main dam.
237 Anar Forest to north and west of capaal.
239 Rabb plain 10 hrs horse east of Jannison pass to middle of Rabb plain (1st camp) in rain 30
Rabb barren plain. Anar 20ml east?
Ride east to Rabb river and turn south to branch of river flowing west(30). Continue south until sunset.
242 Storlock Sunset next day reach Storlock. Grass only 10ml north of Storlock. 30
251 Pass of jade 5 hrs horse from Storlock to pass of Jade. 5hrs further east to mts.
256 Chard Rush 5hrs further east to end of mts (10) + 1hr to Chard Rush + 1hr to Jachyra canyon.
277 High Bens 30hrs walk from Capaal to High Bens (45). Broken peaks and crags straddling river. High forest north.
5 hrs to Dun Fee Aran.
282 Rooker camp 12 hrs walk from Chard Rush to Rooker Line Trading cenre (10).
303 Darklin Reach 2 days east following river to edge of Darklin Reach(40). 1 more day to Hearthstone(20)
321 Eastern Anar Swamps in Deep Anar well east of Darklin Reach.
332 Hearthstone Valley 5ml across, Grimpond 3 ml further north.
365 Darklin Reach Wilderness between Ravenshorn and Rabb. Mass of craggy ravines and drops.
365 Toffer Ridge 10hrs from Hearthstone NE to Toffer Ridge (14).
381 Dunn Fee Aran 2.5 days walk north from Dunn Fee Aran to Ravenshorn mts. Forest between (35)
387 Caves of night 12 hrs walk to caves of night on east bank (15)
396 Olden Moor 10 hrs to cross Olden Moor to Ravenshorn (15). Mts E/W huge and stark with sharp cliffs (2,000 ft).
400 Ravenshorn 10hrs walk east to where Ravenshorn turns north. Grey and bleached. (Graymark sewers).
409 Graymark Battlements, towers and parapets on a ledge. Croagh with heavens well on peak behind.
489 Darklin Reach Frost in Autumn. Graymark at southern end of Mt range.
497 Kaypra town south of Shady Vale.