High Druid of Shannara – Jarka Ruus Locations

Travelling information from the book.

93 Patch Run Patch Run on south shore? of Rainbow Lake
105 Patch Run near mouth of Rhapahalladron.
130 Dragons teeth A gap in mts to SW of Paranor
144 Dragons teeth mts to west, south and east of Paranor.
145 Paranor built on Volcanic fissure.
200 Emburen 1.25 days ride west through forest from Emburen to Rill song.
201 Arborlon 1 day in barge south to Arborlon, 3 more days to Innisbore. Slow current.
202 Innisbore From mouth of river far shore is not visible.
203 Syioned town 2ml north of mouth of lake on eastern bank.
222 Syioned Fly east (boat), then north out of Westland, then east across Streleheim plain.
Dragons teeth west of Paranor and form a gap with Knife Edge mts.
234 Jannison pass 3 days to get to Jannison pass from Syioned. Pass in foothills.
236 Malg Swamp Rolling Foothills along east of Malg Swamp. River and lakes.
239 Lazareen 1 day sail from Jannison pass to Lazareen.
243 Anatcherae Port on SW shore of Lazareen. Charnals to East, Knife Edge mts to west. Mt corridor to north?
244 Lazareen Mts on banks of lake to south and east. Rivers fed by glaciers. Slate grey colour.
Knife edge and Charnals form corridor. Lazareen up against Charnals south and east.
266 Valley of Shale 3 days walk from Paranor to break in Dragons teeth. Mouth of pass to valley of shale.
302 Slags Marshland on NE corner of Lake. Swamp & flodplain, Cyprus and Cedar.
303 Lazareen Estimate 20 mls across.
312 Slags 10 ml wide
329 Slags Lagoon at middle of Slags. Lagoon 2 ml wide.
376 Slags Lagoon to edge of Slags in 2 days, heading NE into foothills. 20
379 Foothills Rivers and lakes in low foothills. Runoff from mts.
387 Foothills One day trek to campsite high in foothills.