Voyage of the Jerle Shannara – Morgawr Locations

Travelling information from the book.

Page Subject Jerle Shannara – 3 – 11 hr day p 182 Mileage
13 Arishaig Federation capital on eastern bank of Rhapahalladran. Forest on west bank.
23 federation ships approach Parkasia from east.
27 coves head from cove inland towards mts, but then need to turn south to keep bearings. Mts ahead and on both sides.
31 Coves Shoreline bends inwards in deep coves just north of where repairs done. Sail west into Mts and icefields.
mts along coast? Flies along coastal mts and icefields to north of river, then heads SW.
75 ruins wing rider approaches from the NE
77 storm approaches from the east, from the coast.
78 Village Rue flies ship east from ruins towards mts.
85 Ships appear from North prallet to storm front. Black Mowclips then sails east towards mts.
88 Aleuthra mts Aleuthra Ark mts barrier to interior. Ships flying into Aleuthra Ark east.
89 Aleuthra mts Mts run NW to SE . Foothills 5 ml from Castledown.
115 Storm approaching from the east. Rue is trying to beat it to mts. Flying into headwind.
127 1-2 hr in storm from castledown to mts. Mts 6,000ft. 5 ml through mts to valley. Second range 1000ft high. 30
128 dark forested valley between ranges with river. 10
128 cross mts and leave storm behind (in south?)
129 wind Cross winds from north blow ship to starboard.
139 Crake forest Crake rain forest behind mts with a few scattered peaks around.
147 Morgawr’s ship flies north inland from Castledown to catch Black Mowclips.
160 Bek+Grianne 2 hrs running from castledown towards mts (5) then 6 hrs fast walk (10) 15
168 Truhls and Bek to the left of Rindge going into mts. Same woods as Antrax p144
169 8 hrs fast walk(12) + 8 hrs fast walk(12) + 4 hrs(6) 30
182 Shapeshifters 4 days walk from castledown to shapeshifters mt
190 Quentin on next mt on right to Bek at this point. Travelling for 2 days from village. Conifers on ridge. 30
191 Quentin crosses river on first day into foothills
193 Broad grasslands beyond Aleuthra Ark
200 Avalanche 2.5 days Rindge walk from village to avalanche. 35
206 Quentin buried mts to west of valley where Quentin buried
209 Quentin walks west to pass where mts meet.
214 Bek and Grianne walk into mts from shapeshifters for 2 days. Mts 3,000 ft. Higher peaks to North.
215 6 hrs walk + 5 hrs slow walk in snowstorm. 15
222 Fast pace next day for 6 hrs. Alternating peaks and valleys. Roc approaches from the north. 12
223 Avalanche Rindge walk further 2 days from avalanche to when Bek is rescued by Roc. 20
232 Coastline runs north and east from coves.
235 single wing North then inland from coast to forest in heart of mts where Jerle Shannara being repaired.
245 Rindge take two days to walk from mt pass (Becks rescue) to airship. Total 7 days from village. 70
296 J.S flies south from Crake forest for 1 day (dawn to dusk) to reach coast. 140
307 cliffs along south end of penninsula. Other ships north along mts heading inland.
308 all night flight to tip of penninsular. 12 hrs slow. 25
314 Prekkandoran Prekkendoran 5ml wide x 20ml long. Mephitic 8 weeks from Parkasia.
379 Ships get up to 40 knots
388 A little more than 5 months from Mephitic to Four lands.